Mohammed Faisal

ALIF GROUP has been molded, developed and nourished by great zest, energy and hard work put in by me and my entire team. It is not only our hard work but also the trust that we had from our clients and the dedication with which we served them.
As ALIF GROUP has wide experience in Plastic Pharma Bottle sectors and well trained and qualified staff with parallel Pharma Company, I personally feel that no other Company in the country can understand Pharma as well as we do, with our clear motto of being a “Custodian first and Packaging later”. This has given us a sense of belonging to all my clients as well as the ALIF GROUP Trade Family.

Our company also offers the highest quality dry edible beans and food grain products in the food service industry today.

I wish the entire team to put in their best to achieve their given target in an ethical manner.